Whether you are an established chimney sweep or just starting out, the old saying 'Two heads are better than one' is as true today as it ever was.

This is exactly the approach that we take to the chimney sweeping industry. Not only do we provide you with a number of opportunities to meet and talk with a variety of sweeps and trade experts, but we encourage you to ask as many questions of us and our members as possible.

Plus, we are only ever a phone call or email away which means if you get stuck with any aspect of the chimney sweeping industry, we are happy to help - we've been around for almost twenty years so we've seen and heard pretty much everything.

arrow So why should you choose the Guild as your professional association?

  • We have the most extensive training programme and therefore the highest minimum standards for chimney sweeps in the UK.
  • Belonging to the Guild immediately makes your stand out from your untrained competitors.
  • If you want to get more involved with the Guild there are various opportunities for you to do so and to make your mark.
  • By being a part of a nationally recognised trade organisation you can join us in the fight to improve the industry for chimney sweeps and their customers.
  • We represent the UK in Europe and have access to the latest EU legislation which gets passed straight on to our members.
  • We are constantly striving to increase the awareness of the Guild and promote our members to the public and trade which directly results in more work for our members.
  • We also strive to improve the standards of our members by offering a variety of additional training courses relative to the chimney sweeping industry.

arrow Benefits of Guild Membership

  • Advertising space on the Guild website.
  • Trade discounts available only to Guild members.
  • The opportunity to meet and work with other Guild members.
  • Technical phone and email support for on the job or office problems.
  • Bi-monthly newsletter.
  • Annual invitations to Guild meetings and exhibitions.
  • Access to nationally recognised sweeping certificates accepted by insurance companies.
  • Discounted online Thomson advert.
  • Use of the trademarked Guild logos and a Guild ID badge.
  • Promotional material such as van stickers, leaflets and much, much more.

To take the next step and join us, just complete the application form and we will send you all the information you need.

Remember if you've got any questions just ask - it's what we are here for.